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At Market Weighton our building is set up with 5 care rooms, each with their own garden, with spaces and areas created to cater to our children. We aim for an environment that has the right tools for independent learning, group lead activity, as well as adult lead activities.

Each room has their own garden to explore and organize as they see fit, while still having access to our larger garden. Our gardens have mud kitchens, sand pits, slides, climbing frames, and even wendy houses. There is also the wild garden where children experience the chance to see nature thriving.

When winter comes around the children have the opportunity to use our soft play are on days where going outside isn’t an option. This means they will always have the opportunity to exercise and explore. We also have puddle suits,  giving the opportunity to explore the outside areas in most weathers.


We call our baby room the Pixies, and it is set you to look after babies from 6 weeks. We see this room as the start of your child’s journey into becoming their best selves.


The Pixies have lots of developmentally appropriate actives to engage the children’s early curiosity and imagination. We have stimulating, age appropriate toys within the Pixie room and in their own fenced garden area too, so we can carry out exciting and engaging activities indoors or outdoors helping the babies develop all their early essential skills.

Our Pixies all get a daily diary to take home with them every day so if you don’t have much time at drop off or collection, or somebody else picks your child up from us, all the information about their day is written down to keep you up to date with everything they have been doing from sleep times, nappy changes, what they ate and what they have been playing with that day.


When the time comes for your little one is ready to move onto the next stage of their early years’ development, they will be ready for a room change. Going from our Pixies room to our Imps room and we work with the Imps room to make the transition easier.


The pixies room has a large carpet area so babies can roll and crawl and practice their walking skills in comfort.

We have a designated nappy change room off the baby room and a milk prep area so everything we could need is always right at hand.


When they are ready our Toddlers will move into our Imps room. This room helps to develop basic childhood life skills to aid in their development and we see this as them moving onto the next stage of their adventure.

To encourage the Imps to be more independent staff help the children to develop their language and communication skills as well as their physical and emotional strengths. The staff encourage them to join in group activities such as singing and games. Children are encouraged to share and take turns practicing their social skills that will last a life time.

After the Imps, your child will move up to our Elves room, where they will learn new skills and expand their individuality.

The Imps room is divided equally into carpet and hardwood flooring. Our carpet flooring is a great space for our Imps to tumble around and explore different ways to play. then after lunch the space is turned into a napping area.

Our hard flooring is perfect for messy time, which is great fun at Blue Sky as the children can make as much mess as they like, exploring with colours and materials painting and gluing fantastic artwork! Using brushes, rollers or fingers everything is a learning experience.


Imps is the room where children start to be toilet trained. They have access to both the nappy changing facilities as well as the children’s toilets which provides opportunities for the staff to help in the transition. Our Imps room is connected to their own Garden, this is perfect for our children to have a safe space to run and play outside with their friends.


​The Elves children are our Pre-Schoolers, the room is their next step in Adventure. In the Elves they expand on the skills and start to create their individual identities.


All our Elves spend their days practicing hand eye coordination, and the basics of numeracy and literacy. They are given opportunities to expand their concentration, imagination, and memory skills, all through fun and exciting play activities.


Our older Elves are aided in preparation to be ready for school. Doing activities that emulate the basic skills they may require when they go to school. Children are encouraged to write while holding pencils correctly and other small skills that will set them up for school. The Team aids in developing independence during mealtimes as well as getting ready you go outside.


When September comes and its time for your child to move onto their next journey: School. We aim to have your child ready for school before the summer holidays so that they can spend the summer having fun with their friends.

Our Elves room is divided into carpet and hardwood flooring. On our hard flooring our Elves have lunch and messy time, which is great fun at Blue Sky as the children can make as much mess as they like.

On our carpet flooring is a good space for exploring different ways to play.

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